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We don't have alot of fancy commercials or clever ads to get your business. But we do have many satisfied customers that you can call directly about our services and because we serve a small community, they wouldn't mind talking to you.

Here's one of our many referral letters.


My dad was retired military. He served God, his country and his family. He was a great husband, father and grandfather. So when my dad requested that he be able to stay at home to be cared for my mom took it very seriously. Two years prior to my dad's death we had to place him in a home for a short time. It had gotten too hard to take care of him for my mom. My sister and I helped out when we could but we had our own jobs and family to take care of.  It made my dad and mom very sad and my dad ended up very sick in the hospital. After my dad was released from the hospital they put him in a rehab facility until my mom was able to take him home. My mom tried several caregivers and finally ended up with Sam. 


Sam Ford was my father's caregiver for 14 months. Sam was very hands on and took excellent care of my dad. 

There are many nuances to taking care of a person with Alzheimer's. It is important to assist them while making sure they maintain their dignity. Sam had the challenge of gaging my father's moods and comprehension level on a daily basis. Sam was always upbeat, positive and sensitive to my father's plight. Sam was always willing to come over and assist if my mom needed additional help even on his off hours. Sam took my dad to the doctors and took my dad to The Gathering meetings so that my dad could socialize with other people.

Sam started off helping my dad with his personal hygiene and by his final months Sam had to complete the tasks on his own.

Sam lifted my dad several times a day to take him to the restroom and to take him to the living room to ensure he could spend time with our family in the living area. One of Sam's best techniques was that he always talked to my dad and let him know prior to moving him what he was doing. I feel this is really important and I noticed that other caregivers did not do this consistantly. I'm not sure if my dad could always comprehend what Sam was doing during my dad's final days but Sam never treated my dad any differently. He showed him so much respect and kindness.

Not only did Sam take great care of my dad but he also assisted my mom with tasks when she needed help. He was a great companion to my mom as well as my dad. Every time I showed up while Sam was working he kept me informed of what was going on with my dad. My mom and family trusted Sam to take care of my dad and this allowed my mom the freedom to run errands and to also go to her own appointments.


My dad passed away a month ago. Sam has continued to check in on my mom. I hope that if my mom ever needs a caregiver that Sam will be availible.


Christine M


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